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I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but was raised in the cordial glow of southern hospitality when my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. This geographical combo could explain my overwhelming fondness for both giraffes and sweet tea.

I’m currently an integrated Creative director at Atmosphere BBDO, where I lead both the global and North American accounts for Emirates Airline, developing integrated campaigns, cross-platform experiences, social media activations and experiential events. Over the course of my 9 years at BBDO, I’ve worked on a host of clients including Bud Light, Visa, Target, Citibank, HP, Dubai Tourism and one of my passion projects, The Big Ad Gig.

My advertising life began in Portland, Oregon where I worked on Nike, adidas and Converse. After realizing that Brooklyn was the exact same city as Portland (with much fewer hipsters), I moved to New York to further my creative chops on a host of clients including Delta, American Express, Miller Light and ESPN. Over the course of my career, I’ve been honored by the Webby Awards, Pixel Awards, Shorty Awards, The Art Director’s club, Portland Rosey Awards, OMMA Awards and the IAC Awards.

I currently reside in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where you can either find me exploring the great outdoors, eating at new restaurants or watching way too much HBO, Netflix and ESPN.